Hello hello

Hello lovely friends,

I have missed this little corner of the internet!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last posted, and for that I am raging with myself. I had written a big post about where I have been, what’s been happening but you know what? They’re just lame excuses really. Work, university, exams, driving tests… they’ve shaped the last few months, but that’s not what I want to focus on.

I have so many blog post ideas, and I really hope I can kick my butt back into action over the summer. From my holy grail face products, nutritional reviews to lifestyle posts, I hope to resurrect mirrorthelove

Thank you to all who have stayed subscribed and those who have joined this journey! I appreciate it so very much. I should also add that I cannot use Instagram anymore, so apologies for the barren nature of my feed lately… technology is not my forté!

I look forward to catching up on a lot of your posts and send hugs to you all!




Hello everyone!

After a long time of not being active, I finally logged back in and am about to catch up on all the blogs I have been missing.

I hope Christmas was wonderful, peaceful and full of laughter and love, and that 2016 has kicked off to a great start! If you have written any posts you’d like to share, please post them below! It’ll take me a while to fully catch up I think 😛 Have you set resolutions? If so, what are they and how are they going??

mirrorthelove xx

Sunday Shoutout | Brandon Thompson (j_a_m_r_o_c_k)

Another Sunday, another shout-out.

This week I mentioned someone on my instagram, and I wanted to post about them here. Brandon Thompson is a young man who’s an aspiring (and already wonderful) motivational speaker. His instagram account features just small snippets of his positivity, inspiration, and speeches aimed at self-love and self-confidence.

In a time when it can feel like we are overwhelmed with negativity in the media, societal demands, pressures of career ladders and expectations, it can be a wonderful thing to find someone who promotes believing in yourself and what you can accomplish.

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Sunday Shoutout |Salty Hippie Art


Source: Salty Hippie

If you enjoy art with a bohemian element, you’ll probably adore Salty Hippie Art (aka Lauren Swan). She has a beautifully unique style and paints on everything from instruments to fake skulls and statues, using Posca pens and a gorgeous water colour effect. Her pieces (canvas or other) can then be purchased from her Etsy account, and I believe she also takes custom orders (perfect in time for Christmas if you wanted to splash out a bit!).

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Sunday Shoutout | Nurberxo

I am forever sending my friends links to people I come across online. Whether they’re incredible artists, inspirational speakers or just give the best life advice, I love sharing these recommendations. Well, seeing as I have already spoken to so many lovely people on here and begun to develop blogging friendships, I figured I may as well share some people I adore on here too! Cue Sunday Shoutouts. And of course, please leave in the comments any people/sites you recommend checking out!

My first one today is Nur at Nurberxo on YouTube. If she ever writes a book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. She gives the most wonderful and insightful advice on areas from romantic relationships to friendships to building your confidence and dealing with negative emotions. I find myself watching some of her videos multiple times and even making notes, just to really soak up all I can from them. I wish she did podcasts!

Here are some of my favourite videos of hers. I hope you enjoy them too!

Do You Instagram?

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to ask, do you use Instagram? Well, if you do, my username is (drumroll) mirrorthelove and I’d love to connect with everyone there too – So let’s link up! xx

~ mirrorthelove@gmail.com