Essence Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish

Essence have launched a new, albeit small line of nail polish made with natural ingredients and the lofty claim of strengthening your nails. To be honest, I was sold more on the color than anything else. I had been lusting after a soft powder pink for months, and couldn’t pass this one up. It is PERFECT and has most definitely become my holy grail shade, but I want to really touch on the nail care aspect of this product.


I have been religiously using my Viridian Nail & Cuticle Oil at night and wow, you see a difference immediately. But with this polish? To be honest, I’m not convinced it does much of anything to strengthen or protect. And that’s not necessarily a fault of this product itself – I just not convinced any nail polish can really make your nail healthier while simultaneously painting it. What do you think?

I cannot shout about the Viridian Nail Care oil enough, it’s amazing. But I will definitely be repurchasing this product for the color alone.

Let me know your thoughts – what’s your nail care routine?



3 thoughts on “Essence Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish

  1. stashy says:

    I remember you raving about the Viridian Nail Care oil – glad to hear you’re still in love with it!
    This shade is really pretty – too bad the nail benefits are dubious.


  2. Danel says:

    Hi there I normally do not have time for my nails to dry ….and I always smudge one or two but i love this colour and care nail polish!!! First time in years that I ve found a great colour and lasting product!!! Love it!


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