Are They Cruelty Free? | 3 Simple Questions


When cosmetic companies are writing their website blurbs, they really do try to cover up any potential issues. Unfortunately, this includes animal testing. A number of massive brands have now begun to state that they are cruelty-free, using legal mumbo jumbo as a way to disguise their activities, for example citing European law while ignoring the fact that they distribute their products elsewhere. Let me put it bluntly – if they sell in China, they must, by law, test on animals. If they are owned or affiliated with a massive corporation, for example L’Oreal, they test on animals or at the very least, purchasing from them funds  testing on animals (E.g. The Body Shop; Urban Decay). If they hire a third party to do the testing for them, they are still animal testing.

I truly believe that in our hearts, everyone has compassion. It’s not enough to just adore our beloved dogs and cats, while turning a blind eye to those locked in cages and being prodded with chemicals so that we can have a cheap mascara – and yes, dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys are just some of the animals used in cosmetic testing. We must put our fists down and say: We will not support this! If you wouldn’t want it done to your pet, how can you be comfortable with it being done to others? I believe that if people knew the real truth behind their cosmetics, they would start to make the switch. I really do believe that compassion wins out over materialism.

So here’s what we need to do – ASK.

Write to the company and ask outright. It’s not enough to read their websites and take them at face value. We must push forward, ask if they test, demand to know what goes into these products that we slather all over our porous skin! The chemicals that are going into our bodies and cause breast cancers, hormonal imbalances, testicular cancers, abnormalities in our children and Alzheimer’s, to name just a few of the many side effects. So what to ask?

Just three simple questions:

  1. Does your company test on animals?
  2. Does your company hire a third party to test on animals?
  3. Does your company sell products in China?


Then SHARE the responses. Let people know. Post it on your blog, or let me know in the comments below so I can update the lists of companies that are cruelty free and those that are not. It is a simple, free step, but it is vital in the fight for our right to safe products, and animals’ right to a safe life.

Want to go cruelty free? Here are my 5 tips to make the switch!



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