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It’s coming up to that time of year when our bank accounts can take a major hit – especially if Santa is visiting your home and you need to stock up on cookies and carrots! Unfortunately, by way of marketing genius, it’s also the time when everything in shops looks extra glitzy. We want to buy cosmetics for Christmas parties and New Years Eve looks and well, it’s easy to get sucked in by festive packaging, even if we absolutely do not need another red lipstick.

The problem I have – and I’m sure I’m not alone – is that sometimes I can’t remember exactly what I already have. Do I own this shade of nail polish? Or will I regret not getting it, so I should, just in case? Sound familiar? Well, turns out there’s an app that can help with that and save a lot of money on the way.

Snupps is a free app available for Android and Apple, and is a perfect way of documenting what you already own – be it in cosmetics, skincare, nail care or clothing (not sponsored in any way, just found it through a YouTube recommendation). By adding photographs and labeling the various items, you can scan through and at a glance see what you have and what you actually need.  As I’m currently trying to use up a lot of older products, this has been an absolute blessing for me and honestly, I’ve found it quite exciting to “shop” my stash and remember things I already own that have sadly been neglected (and horrifying to realise I’ve now got about seven lipsticks  in more or less the same colour…none of which actually suit me! )

Snupps mirrorthelove collection cruelty free cosmetics

It also allows you to enter in information like when you bought it, when you want to use it by and how much it cost. Of course, it wouldn’t be “social” media without an interactive element. Using the ‘explore’ button, you can search and follow other beauty/fashion collectors and see what they own, ask whether they’d recommend it and give “wows” (basically likes) on particular products you might want to purchase yourself. Kind of like creating a virtual wishlist!

Snupps mirrorthelove cruelty free nail polishes catrice cosmetics

 My username is mirrorthelove, so if you set up an account follow me there so I can follow back! I’ll also be adding all my CF products on there, so you can see what I own and recommend other brands to me!

Speaking of which – any CF foundation recommendations??

Let me know if you set up a Snupps account! I am certain it will continue to save me money, and has already helped me to clear old really old make-up and stuff that has chemicals I don’t want on my skin. What’s one product you find yourself over-purchasing?

Can’t wait to reconnect with you all! I’ve missed blogging! xx



14 thoughts on “Saving Tips & Shopping Your Stash | Snupps

    • mirrorthelove says:

      Oh I’d say you’d love it! If you set up an account, let me know so I can follow you! It’s actually really enjoyable to root through old cosmetics and see what can be binned and what just needs some attention again! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karen Rees says:

        Will surely do – have made a little note in my diary to get it sorted.. when that will be is another dilemma but at least it’s on the ‘to do’ and you’ll be my first port of call!! 😀 XX


  1. stashmatters says:

    Interesting app. I just keep track of my stuff on my trusty Excel spreadsheet but it’s neat how the app has built a community around it. I could see myself adding a lot to my wish list from other people’s stashes haha!


    • mirrorthelove says:

      That’s a good idea too, but I love that this one is “on-the-go” so when I’m actually in-store, I can see if I already have something that matches and it’s all photograph based so it’s just easier for me. Heheh, definitely that’s a risk 😉 xx


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