So You Want To Go Cruelty-Free? | 5 Top Tips


Through chatting about all things cosmetic online and in person, I’ve realised that a lot of people genuinely do want to start down the CF road and just aren’t sure how to begin. Hopefully my top five little tips and tricks will help!


As with anything, making a change can take time and won’t happen over night – nor does it need to! Just taking baby steps can make a huge difference. Next time you run out of a particular mascara or nail polish, just try something new and cruelty-free. You don’t need to vow never to buy your favourite non-CF foundation again, but making a small step can really make a great difference – especially if you can then blog about it here!


To continue on the last point, it doesn’t have to be about buying only cruelty-free (though of course, that would be amazing). If you have a specific eyeshadow, lippie or foundation you adore,  you can keep buying that while changing other items to cruelty-free! Make a list of what you love as it is, and what you’d be willing to experiment with. Start looking for CF reviews on these items and go from there.


You do not need to start a whole new collection again! (Though by all means, use this as an excuse for some retail therapy!) I still have a lot of make-up from brands that I would never repurchase from again. Yeah, some are good and they do the job… but do I feel good knowing where they came from and what went into making them? No. Taking a CF stance doesn’t need to be a massive overhaul… it can start with ONE cruelty-free purchase in every five and go from there.


While there are some superb cruelty-free brands at the higher end of the price spectrum (by my price standards, anyway), there are a LOT right down at the very bottom and probably in your drugstore right next to the “tested” products. Brands like ELF and Wet’n’Wild offer cruelty-free at the lowest price you could wish for, so why not start there? You don’t need to invest a lot of money into this. Cruelty-free living should never be determined by your bank balance.


Yes, the not so fun bit. While I wouldn’t say to go and watch videos or look up photographs of animal testing (there’s a reason I will never post them here), I cannot emphasise the importance of research and education enough. Whether it’s looking up which companies are cruelty free (listed here) or which test (listed here), or going into the depths of what’s involved, what alternatives there are and what’s being done to stop it, it is so important to know what you’re buying. If you decide not to go cruelty-free, that is absolutely your choice… but it is imperative that you know exactly what you are getting for your hard earned money. If where is was developed doesn’t interest you, what it’s doing to your body, pores and skin should.

So, what tips would you have? What’s your favourite cruelty-free product or company? As always, I love hearing your feedback so let me know!




14 thoughts on “So You Want To Go Cruelty-Free? | 5 Top Tips

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Fabulous post as always huni!!! Having a cat & a little beagle boy called Toby, I’m really becoming much more aware of the brands I buy!! Your posts have really helped with this huni so thank you for all the information!! Also a HUUUUUUGE thank you for the kind mention shout out, what a treat to discover this. Took me a while to realise ‘Ooooh that’s me!!!!’ lol lol Heck Mondays kill me lol You’ve made my day lovely lady *huge hugs* XXXXXX

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    • mirrorthelove says:

      I’m so so glad that my posts can help in any way! That has absolutely made my day. Thank you so much!! I definitely would never want to seem condescending or rude about if people choose to stick to what they know and love currently, but it’s fantastic to hear of people being tempted to try cruelty-free products more and more (hey, it’s an excuse to shop and experiment with make-up!)! Having a pet definitely puts animal testing into perspective. I have a dog too (a little bichon, Luna, who I feel like I literally gave birth to at times lol) and the thought of anything happening to her kills me, it’s too hard to even think about, so it really made me more conscious of not wanting any other dogs, cats etc. to suffer! Thank you so much for the blogging layout tips too (told you I love those posts :D) It really does make a massive difference, so of course I had to give you a shout out!! Xxxxx

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      • Karen Rees says:

        You are sooo welcome huni – they really do help hugely!!! Oh of course, I understand that – but you’re not in any way condescending or judgemental, simply educating people on the options that’s available. That’s a great thing. I showed your last posts to my hubby so he could read them & you’ve converted him to cruelty free – any time he’s shopping he always checks to see if it’s mentioned and is sticking to brands you recommend, so great job!!!!! All because of your posts… it just takes one persons ability to share & educate to change others way of thinking. Well done you, your awareness is changing minds and you don’t even know it!! 🙂 I totally agree that having our little furry babies really does change our way of thinking. Imagining my little Toby being harmed or tested on would break my heart in two… I just cannot understand how some can do that as a job? I just couldn’t, I would have such guilt in my heart. Terrible. Shared this on Twitter for you huni… the more you shout about this the better! You’ve me (and now my hubby) backing you all the way, so thank YOU for making us aware. You’re doing an awesome job!!! XXXXX


  2. stashmatters says:

    Great tips! I have a guilt sometimes associated with continuing to buy from brands that aren’t CF… but I really love the product and they agree with my skin. But, I am taking note and trying to make an effort in my CF trials. And yes, there’s NO way I’d toss everything out and start from scratch… that’s just silly talk. I find that makeup brands are making good strides to communicate about being CF but I don’t see the same level of information when it comes to hair or body care.


    • mirrorthelove says:

      I completely understand. Especially if someone has sensitive skin or has hit on the one foundation that doesn’t break them out or whatever, it can be really difficult to make the change. I think the best thing is to write a list of what you WOULD change, maybe write them on your phone so when you’re out shopping again they’re to hand. Just slowly start testing the waters, without focusing on what you aren’t too keen on changing just yet. I agree, it can be harder to find hair and body care brands that are CF, but the key can really be just finding ONE that covers a range of bases. Jason is a brand that does shampoo, soaps, moisturisers… the lot, and is CF. The best place to find those brands initially is natural/health shops and when you identify them, then you can find them across the board in shops. Also natural/health shops can give you advice about what is CF, even if it’s not explicitly stated on the bottle. If I can offer any advice or guidance, please never hesitate to give me a shout!! Xxx

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  3. Nena says:

    Wonderful tips and I love how you bring awareness with kindness:) Taking it one step at a time and encouraging others to make small changes instead of telling them to throw it all away is very helpful.

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    • mirrorthelove says:

      Awh, thank you so much!! I really never want to seem like I’m shaming someone or being patronising so it’s wonderful to hear that I’m not coming across that way!! (I really do worry about it!) Like I mention, I still have quite a lot of non-CF products from before, and I won’t just bin them because that is wasteful, but I just won’t repurchase or recommend. There aren’t any that I’d say are “holy grail” products anyway. It can be a great way to justify some retail therapy and sample some new brands too 😉 Xx

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      • Nena says:

        I agree:) I thought the same about tossing what I currently have. It is already purchased so throwing it away will be more wasteful. You don’t come across patronizing at all:) Love reading through your posts because of how informative and kind you are:)


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