Catrice Cosmetics | Matte Nudes & Deep Purples

Quickie post here for a nail polish review after I posted on my instagram a few days ago about a current shade I’m loving – ‘Little Dose of Rose’ by Catrice Cosmetics. This shade is a very soft, baby pink with a hint of iridescence and dries completely matte.

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish Little Dose of Roses

As always, the benefits of Catrice are their cruelty-free status (they have been listed as vegan, but I cannot verify this myself), their price point (less than €4 per bottle, prices vary depending on the finish), and their packaging which is solid glass and provides a lot of bang for your buck. Another benefit of Catrice is their variety of shades and in my experience, the punch that these shades pack. They are all very pigmented, true to the colour you see within the bottle and of wonderful quality. I have owned several of their shades for well over the 36 months life they recommend on the bottle, and they are all still perfect.

The only negative with this particular shade is that it chips quite quickly compared to their regular finishes. This faster chipping is something that I have noticed across a variety of matte polishes from other companies, so I think it’s more to do with the consistency of matte polishes, than Catrice in particular. Another point worth noting is that one coat is sufficient, and two may be too thick, which increases the chipping.

Have you ever tried Catrice? My current favourite polish of ALL is their shade Vino Tinto – a regular gloss. Couldn’t recommend it enough!!

Catrice Cosmetics are available at Penneys and most drug stores.

Catrice Cosmetics Nail Polish Vino Tinto



9 thoughts on “Catrice Cosmetics | Matte Nudes & Deep Purples

    • mirrorthelove says:

      I think I definitely didn’t help by applying such a thick coat, but for some reason the matte consistency just doesn’t seem to ever last as long? The deep purple one had a lot more wear and I love the shade! I’d highly recommend it. I’m so glad you like the cruelty-free options and thank you so much for commenting!! Xx

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