Attention Crafters, Upcyclers & Design Fiends | Kuttlefish


If you have ever had a quick look at my Instagram, you’ll probably be familiar with the name “Kuttlefish”. This company is one whose photos I have re-posted a number of times and which never fail to attract attention.

Kuttlefish is an online company through which crafters and upcyclers around the world can sell their re-imagined products and art-pieces. At the heart of Kuttlefish is the basic idea that reusing or recycling a material is good – that materials are worth something, even after they are thrown “away.” From furniture to clothing to decor and gifts, this site offers artists the opportunity to sell their work and offers YOU the chance to buy one-off pieces and support both the sellers and an eco-friendly ethos.  Within this eco-friendly status, Kuttlefish operates on a Material Origin Promise (MOP). This means that at least 5% of the materials making the product or project have been diverted from the landfill. These aren’t just items that have been bought at a garage sale for $1, quickly painted and then sold for $100. Every single product is a work of art and craftsmanship.


Would you like to sell and share your work across the globe? Here’s the deal: Kuttlefish has the lowest commissions, which means that in comparison to their competitors, the artist gets a significantly larger chunk of the price – they are valued for their work and the time and commitment that has gone into it. How low I hear you ask? 1%. Yep, 1% for the first year and then 3% afterwards. So if you earn $40, Kuttlefish gets 40cent and you get $39.60. Comparatively, a competitor charges 3.5% from the get-go. Kuttlefish is also completely, absolutely, entirely free to join. So you can try this service for absolutely nothing, list a product for absolutely nothing and if it doesn’t sell – no loss!

Would you like to buy something totally unique? Here’s a list of the categories they stock… you can imagine the array of items that fall within each!


Would you just like to meet a community of upcyclers and crafters? Gain inspiration, motivation and get the creative juices flowing tenfold? Kuttlefish has a message board where you can do just that. Chat with other designers, get your questions answered, give advice to other aspiring creators. It’s more than a place to buy and sell, but an opportunity to network and build up a community of upcyclers! Here are some of their community upcycling ideas:

(Personalised Fridge Magnets from Beer Bottlecaps)

Kuttlefish Instagram Inspiration

Kuttlefish Instagram Inspiration via Pretty Providence

Feel Like A Creative Challenge? They host challenges! Basically they’ll set a guideline – for example, turning trash into treasure, and you can let your imagination run wild! It’s perfect for those winter days when you want something to do, but can’t come up with a solid idea! (And winter is coming, afterall…)

So, what do they have on offer? Here are just some of the pieces I love on the website. You can also follow them on instagram here. (Can you tell by the items I selected that I love accessories? I’m a magpie)

Shop Source: The Upcycle Jewellery Company (Ships from: UK; Owl brooch from upcycled watch parts)


Shop Source: Earth Sisters (Ships from Canada; Made using broken crockery)

Shop Source: Iamthemandy (Ships from: USA; Made using old magazines)

Shop Source: Reclaim (Ships from: UK; Made using recycled rubber inner tube and orange PVC)

Okay, I could post a dozen images but I figure it would be more fun if you go onto the site and tell me what you like! I think I’ll end up doing some Christmas shopping here, so let me know what catches your eye.

Kuttlefish Facebook (They already have over 140,000 likes!)

Kuttlefish Instagram

* I am not affiliated with Kuttlefish. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.



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