Throw Back Tuesday | Upcyling In The Garden

If you’re following me in Instagram, you’ll be well aware that I am absolutely obsessed with upcycling! I decided to bring a little splash of that onto the blog, and highlight some of my current favourite upcycling projects! For future posts, would people rather see “theme” specific highlights, like garden or kitchen, or just a mix and match of all sorts?



Old Barrel – Dog Kennel


Herbs In Teacups – Grow your herbs in old or broken cups, and use old cutlery to mark what is what! (Source: Kuttlefish)


Succulents Too!


Old CD’s are turned into a mosaic bird-bath.


Old oven – Planter


Old cans – Wall planters!


Old Typewriter – Planter (Source: Kathryn Wood)

Source: n_franco

(Source: n_franco8)

If you have any requests of items you’d like to see put to good use, let me know in the comments and I’ll source it or recreate it myself! I’d love to do some of my own upcycling “tutorials”… would that be something people would want to read?

PS: Next week I have an exciting post coming up for any budding upcyclers, crafters or people wanting to make some extra $$$ with their upcycled projects, so stay tuned!!



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