Essence Cosmetics | Sun Club Bronzer

As someone who never tans very darkly, bronzer has been a hit and miss game for me. As a teenager, I used a bronzer by a well-known *not cruelty-free, not paraben-free* company and when I look back on photos I am literally glittering GOLD. Not like golden tan, I’m talking GOLD. Needless to say, I’ve been wary of it ever since. But well, I’m a sucker for trying new products, so when I came across Essence Sun Club bronzer, I decided I’d give it a go. I have not been disappointed.

Essence Sun Club Bronzer Review

Colour / Texture

First and foremost, I purchased a matte powder for lighter skin – definitely something I recommend if you’re on the fairer side or just looking for a natural glow. Although this was advertised for “blondes”, I never tan very deeply, so I’d rather be safe than orange. I also favour the matte powders over anything with shimmer as I think they look a lot more natural on my skin and for everyday wear. I also love the way a matte bronzer looks with a good highlighter.

This shade is definitely not going to give you a razor contour if that’s what you’re looking for, but it is absolutely perfect for a gentle glow when applied to the temples, hairline, cheekbones and around the jawline. It also doubles beautifully as an eyelid/crease colour.

Essence Sun Club Bronzer Review

A final point I loved about the product itself was that there was no “cover layer”. You know with some cosmetics, the first layer of product isn’t actually representative of what it will truly be like? It may have glitter, or a strange consistency? Well, what you see and swatch is what you get here. The decoration of a palm tree within the product has absolutely no impact on the quality, it’s not a different shade or different formula. It’s literally just a 3D image and I love that!


A pet peeve of mine is buying a product and then not being able to use it all. It’s so wasteful, both environmentally and economically, and really puts me off buying from certain brands.

There are four things in particular that I love about this packaging.

1. It’s huge. This product is 15g and has a large surface area, meaning a brush can get perfect coverage and you don’t need to buff it around multiple times. A gentle tap and you’re all set!

2. It’s circular. I absolutely hate weird shaped packages with corners I can’t reach. This product is simple and will allow me to use every ounce.

3. It’s sturdy. No breaking this container.

4. It’s recyclable! Even in 2015, companies still use packaging that is not recyclable. Why, I cannot fathom… Thankfully, this one is! Meaning it won’t sit in a landfill for the next 150 years. Yay being a responsible and ethical shopper!

Essence Sun Club Bronzer Review


I will definitely repurchase this bronzer and perhaps even try the darker shade for some night-time contouring. At less than €5, it’s definitely a bargain buy. My final +1 for this product is that is smells delicious. If you like the scent of cocoa, you’ll love this… Even just give it a sniff in the shop next time!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Let me know if you’ve tried this bronzer, and what’s your favourite?

*For US readers, this product is also available at Ulta and for Canadians, Shoppers Drugmart


10 thoughts on “Essence Cosmetics | Sun Club Bronzer

  1. stashmatters says:

    Yes, I know what you mean about the cover layer – it’s an overspray they use to make the compact look pretty but once you use up the top layer, it’s not the same underneath! So dumb.
    And I’m totally all about the round compacts for face products! It’s so annoying when you can’t reach the square / rectangular pan corners!


    • mirrorthelove says:

      I will go and follow you now! You should definitely check this one out. I love how simple and effective it is. It’s subtle, but gives a gorgeous healthy glow without looking orange or fake, you know? Let me know if you try it and how you find it! Thank you so much for your comment! X


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