Sunday Shoutout | Nurberxo

I am forever sending my friends links to people I come across online. Whether they’re incredible artists, inspirational speakers or just give the best life advice, I love sharing these recommendations. Well, seeing as I have already spoken to so many lovely people on here and begun to develop blogging friendships, I figured I may as well share some people I adore on here too! Cue Sunday Shoutouts. And of course, please leave in the comments any people/sites you recommend checking out!

My first one today is Nur at Nurberxo on YouTube. If she ever writes a book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. She gives the most wonderful and insightful advice on areas from romantic relationships to friendships to building your confidence and dealing with negative emotions. I find myself watching some of her videos multiple times and even making notes, just to really soak up all I can from them. I wish she did podcasts!

Here are some of my favourite videos of hers. I hope you enjoy them too!


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