Essence Cosmetics | The Suede Nails Collection

This week I wanted to highlight a suede effect nail polish, released by Essence and titled ‘I My Blue Jeans’. I specifically wanted to review this as my last nail polish review (here) was also an Essence product and it’s always handy to be able to compare and contrast from one brand.

Essence The Suede Nails I Love My Blue Jeans

As with my last post, I’ll restate the massive pro for this company is the cost (€1.39 / bottle) and the massive selection of colours and nail art kits available.  Essence are truly on their A game when it comes to releasing up-to-the-minute products and trends.

Essence Cosmetics Nails The Suede I Love My Blue Jeans

One of these ongoing trends has been a matte look nail, and I had been scouring the shelves for something that fitted this bill. As someone who’s default nail is deep reds or purples, this dark blue seemed a perfect find and the colour really is true to what you see in the bottle. One coat will give you an opaque cover, and it dries almost too quickly in my opinion, as a second coat can make the first appear sludgy.

Another con of this product is that it is really thick and can be difficult to work with (not suitable for last minute application as you run out the door!). Cue polish all over my hands, and if you touch anything when it’s wet, you can’t really fix it up easily without it really appearing lumpy – it definitely doesn’t hide a multitude of sins. This all leads to one result – it chips quickly. Whereas Essence polishes are usually extremely hardy, this product begins to chip within 24 hours. Perfect if you just want it for a night out or swap up polishes every few days, not so good if you’re on the go constantly.  Additionally, it’s not exactly matte enough for my taste. I want something completely flat, and I’m just not sure this hits that level.

All this said, I will use it up and it’s certainly a gorgeous colour. Again at €1.39 you can’t really go wrong, but I wouldn’t apply it before vacation and expect it to last the week.

Have you tried this product? Any matte polish recommendations?



One thought on “Essence Cosmetics | The Suede Nails Collection

  1. stashmatters says:

    I want to like the suede finishes but the fact that you can’t put a top coat on them makes them really hard to keep on without chipping. I think brands should just skip the special finish nail polishes and come out with special finish TOP COATS – then we can transform any of our polishes to whatever finish we want! I know they sell matte top coats but why not a suede top coat?


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