Nailing It : The Perfect Pink

If there is one beauty item I know all about, it is nail polish.

I have a problem. Seriously.

The rest of me may be ready to collapse on the couch and curl up for a month with Dr. Phil and copious amounts of chocolate, but my nails are done!

With that said, I thought perhaps starting a weekly (?) postal trend of mentioning my favourite cruelty-free polishes, colours and so on might be fun (for me at least) and useful.  This week here we are having beautifully warm weather and while I often fall back on reds and purples, I decided to go for the brightest shade I have – ‘Free Hugs’ by Essence!


Essence polishes are incredible. There is genuinely little more to be said other than they are ridiculously affordable, last longer than far more pricey brands I’ve tried and their colour selection is to die for. With each bottle costing just €1.49, there really is no guilt to trying new shades and seeing what suits your skin tone. Besides which – has anyone ever actually finished an entire bottle of polish?


This shade is absolutely spot on for the summer pink/purple hues that are doing the rounds right now – speaking of which, the material in one of the photos is my bikini for the summer a la Pennys (*recommendation*). One coat really did the job, but two just sealed the deal and made the colour POP. I also adore the brush and find it pretty much fool proof, avoiding *most* the skin smears I usually experience when applying (I like polish…I’m not necessarily skilled).

Have you tried any Essence nail products? What colours are you enjoying for summer (or winter, if you’re in that season now)?

~ Avril



12 thoughts on “Nailing It : The Perfect Pink

  1. stashmatters says:

    Essence polishes are pretty great – I have a few bottles! This pink is a nice fresh look that can be seasonless, really.
    And yes, I have finished up an entire full size bottle of nail polish: Essie Mademoiselle. I love that shade – a sheer milky pink.


    • mirrorthelove says:

      Essie is pretty expensive here, especially for their size, so I never consider it, but I will hunt for that colour and see if I can dupe it anywhere – I’d love a nice milky pink shade. I can understand how you’d use it all up! xx

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