Soap&Glory: 3-in-1 Daily Detox

Source: Boots

I’ve been itching to write my review on this product pretty much since the day I got it (I was particularly excited as I found it for TWO EURO in Boots – tip: always check the discount baskets at the cash register!), but of course I had to give it a good testing period.

Soap&Glory is one of the more “fancy” but basic brands available at Boots. With prices ranging upwards of €10 for the most part, it’s not necessarily the cheapest skincare range available, but it is cruelty-free and paraben-free and by most accounts, it’s a winning brand – with really attractive packaging, if that’s your thing.

This particular product description is as follows:

  • Cleansing, foaming and smoothing
  • Gently detoxifies, polishes and purifies
  • Includes pigmentation-preventing antioxidants
  • Rejuvenates, energises and brightens
  • Strategically formulated for oily/combination skin

My main “negative” with this product is that it really isn’t for “all skin types”, as marketed, in my opinion. I am actually relieved to see that the description mentions oily skin, unlike the bottle itself, because it is really drying. In fact, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, I’d say this could be an absolute winner for you. Unfortunately, my skin tends to be more dry-combination and I haven’t yet noticed that changing for the summer because it’s never overly hot here, so lots of moisturiser was required after each use. I’m finding that using it every second or third day is more suited to my skin – again,this really is just a negative from my perspective, not everyone may see it that way.

On the positive side, I was delighted to see that the microbeads in this are not made of plastic and are biodegradable (yay for not killing sealife with plastic…). These are perfect for a light-medium exfoliation; not too rough on the skin but you will definitely feel the difference. Again, it goes without saying if you suffer from oily skin, this will definitely do the trick for you! A little goes a long way and a grape sized amount will suffice, meaning this product will probably last two or so months based on daily use (ultimately worth the money). Finally, the scent is alright – definitely would not purchase it just for the smell, as it’s quite chemical, but it’s not offensive.

So would I repurchase?  For now, I think my skin might be just a tad too dry to fully benefit from this product, but would I recommend to someone else? Definitely.

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? What were your thoughts?



3 thoughts on “Soap&Glory: 3-in-1 Daily Detox

  1. stashmatters says:

    Because of your influence – I’ve been much more aware of plastic microbeads in my products and avoid them. One of our major grocery / drugstore chains has recently made a pledge to stop using them in their products. It’s pretty neat that this issue is getting more media exposure.
    I haven’t tried much Soap&Glory since I didn’t like the scent of their hand cream or body butter – I assume that’s their signature scent they put in most products.


    • mirrorthelove says:

      This comment has made my day! Thank you so much – I’m so happy to hear that my posts in some way made a difference. You have honestly brightened my day so much! You’re spot on about the Soap&Glory scent. I’m not a fan either, it’s too chemical for my liking. I’ll use this up though (albeit slowly because it’s just too much for daily use) and see if any don’t have the scent – if I find some I’ll let you know. xx

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