A Healthy Summer: Yoga With Adriene

(c) Yoga With Adriene

This is just a very quick, completely non-beauty related post that I had to share! In any case, it’s all about living a positive, happy, healthy life so it’s relevant to my blog purpose overall!

A few months ago I was in such a stress-zone and my cousin recommended I begin yoga. Through her, I discovered this amazing YouTube channel full to the brim of beautiful yoga workouts (all free, of course) and led by a wonderful yogi, Adriene. She not only inspires healthy body and mind, but also a trust yourself approach – find what feels good. This is such a key aspect of fitness for me. So often in life it’s all about doing it exactly, specifically, perfectly. Even more-so now that we feel watched by our 300 Facebook “friends” or however many Instagram followers. If we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of catering so much of what we do and how we behave to people we will never physically meet in person, to compete and catch up with people we wouldn’t even like in person! Whether yoga is your thing or not, have a look at her YouTube, if only for her calming voice and positive energy…plus she has a gorgeous dog.

Enjoy – and thank you for reading!



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