Skincare Each Day Keeps Spiders Away


Okay, so despite fully supporting eco-friendly living and abhorring anything that harms animals, I have a confession… I do not like spiders.

I’m don’t have arachnophobia, and I’m not uncomfortable with the little ones… but once the weather changes and the big hairy fellas start coming indoors – (Second confession: I still scream for my parents/whatever back-up is available). But here’s my problem – I don’t want to kill them. I just don’t want them near me or my bed.

So how to solve this? Meet a skincare savior AND ultimate spider repellant.

While I never experienced acne growing up, I have definitely had some whopper spots over the years – and still do at certain times of the month or if I eat particular foods. While reaching for large-brand chemical cleansers can seem easy and cheap, do you really know what’s in those products? Or what animals are suffering behind these multimillion dollar ranges? All those words you can’t pronounce…well they’re going right into your skin. Would you eat something if you had no idea what it was? Well then why do we settle for putting these products into our pores? I began to hunt for a natural, cruelty-free remedy.

Enter – Tea tree oil!

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifoliais) is an essential oil native to Australia that has become something of a star in the skincare world over the past few years.

This gem is a natural antibacterial agent with soothing properties, preventing spots from the get-go and soothing any that may have already popped up, reducing healing time and scarring. Just a little dab of it at night (I recommend buying an already diluted version), or using cleansers that are based on tea-tree oil can work wonders by morning and prevent infections from setting in. It also works a treat for back and body acne if you buy it in soap-form and use it as your body wash.

So where do spiders come in? They hate the smell of tea-tree oil. In fact adding a few drops of tea tree oil to regular water in a spray bottle acts as a top class spider repellant, and just throwing your old cleanser pads covered in tea-tree oil in your bedroom bin can produce the desired effect. Similarly, head lice cannot stand it either so add a few drops to shampoo and you’re good to go – especially if you have little ones in classrooms all day long.

I love it when a product is worth it’s weight in gold.

What other uses do you know of for tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil should NEVER be ingested.



9 thoughts on “Skincare Each Day Keeps Spiders Away

    • mirrorthelove says:

      Oh I know, and I don’t mind them in other room of the house.. but the bedroom? No. We don’t get mosquitos really so that’s one plus! Ah that’s a shame. What have you found works best?


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