Cloud10Beauty Review: Top Brands / Discount Prices

Disclaimer: Now is the time to put your credit card in the freezer. This site is an Aladdin’s cave of amazing brands  – some of which aren’t available in Irish stores – and even better bargains.


If you’ve read some of my other posts, particularly about theBalm Cosmetics, you’ll have seen me rave about Cloud10Beauty. This online store offers a massive range of brands from high end to drugstore, at competitive prices that seem to be significantly lower than I’ve seen elsewhere – and that’s before their sale prices, which are incredible.

I came across this site when I went on a massive hunt for EOS lipbalms  (Unfortunately, I have since learned that they are not cruelty free, so needless to say I won’t be repurchasing them). EOS do not sell in Irish shops, and a brief look at eBay prices was enough to make me almost give up the hunt  – oh and side note: beware – people make and sell fake EOS balms. Bizarre, I know.

But then I stumbled upon Cloud10Beauty.

Somehow, when nowhere else in Ireland has a product, this company based in Monaghan has managed to get their hands on it – and a selection of it too! Add to that their masses of products from top companies including theBalm and Sigma and you’ve hit a massive jackpot. I bought two of the lipbalms, and an eye mask from Anatomicals that can be applied warm or cold for immediate soothing and reduced puffiness – it’s aptly named, ‘Puffy the Eyebag Slayer’.


Although I live only a few hours from their HQ, I still wasn’t expecting the shipping to be as fast as it was. Plus it arrived beautifully wrapped and in perfect condition. Is it weird that I’ll probably reuse this packaging?


They also sell gift vouchers for the website – without a use-by date! I often hate giving vouchers, especially One-For-Alls (biggest.scam.ever) because they have such strict use-bys that often they end up in the bin. In the case of the One-For-Alls, did you know that they lose money every month that you don’t spend them?! Madness. But not these little gems. Oh and they are returnable if you change your mind! Customer care A+.

If that wasn’t enough, here are some extra bonuses:

Free shipping to Ireland and the UK if you spend €15+, which trust me – you will.

– Free international shipping if you spend €50+

– Free samples when you spend a certain amount

– Refunds offered up to 30 days from purchase

Bet you’re glad the credit card is in the freezer, eh?

Let me know if you have ordered from them before! What’s your favourite brand that they sell, so I can check them out! x


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