Montagne Jeunesse: Beauty on a Budget


Montagne Jeunesse  is a beauty company that just hits the nail on the head every.single.time.

For a start, this Welsh company has a philosophy based on protecting the environment, animals and the conservation of energy. In fact, they aim to become 100% renewable energy self-sufficient, and are based on a site that is an eco-friendly haven. Even their office paper waste is shredded and reused as protection for products during shipping. Impressed yet?

If you aren’t already – how about the fact that their products are natural, eco-friendly, vegetarian-friendly and not tested on animals? Oh and they have a vegan-friendly line too. Still looking for an extra umph to go out and raid the shelves in your nearest supplier?

Okay, how about this – they are by far the best bargain for products in their category. Seriously, I challenge you to try buying just one product when the entire line looks good enough to eat and costs around €1.50. Next date night with your girls, bring a few of these and I guarantee they’ll be well received.

To run through everything they sell could take up an entire post, so here’s a brief overview – hair products (conditioning hair mask), facial products (every kind of mask you could imagine, for all sorts of skin types), body products (foot lotions, body scrums, a bust firming cream!) and pore products (pore strips). So far, I have used their masks and pore strips and would highly recommend both.


  1. De-Clog Nose Pore Strips

Ok, I know there is an argument that pore strips aren’t good for your skin and believe me, I’ve tried all sorts of other products but frankly, sometimes I just need/want to feel that super clean, fresh feeling and these strips provide it. One pack (€1.49) contains 3 strips. That’s 50c per strip…compared to 6 for €13 by another brand. Hmm…50c per strip or €2 per strip? Your choice, but I know which I’m going for! These little gems have worked a treat for me. Simply clean your face, wet your nose (warmer water opens the pores), apply the little strip and relax for 10-15 minutes. Peel off and voila! Your skin will feel great. I tend to do some cleansing afterwards because I feel that while the pores are open, they can be cleaned better…is this logical, or am I doing damage? Any advice welcome.

2. Face Masks

There’s something just great about face masks. They seem to send a signal out to world that everyone and his wife should call around while you’re looking like something from outer space.


In any event, these ones work. These masks smell flipping amazing (they have chocolate masks!) and even though they look like one “serving” on the packaging, I find there is more than enough for two people so if you wanted to try it with a friend, you could easily do so. They’re extremely soothing on the skin, and as I mentioned, they have a range for various skin types so you can find the one to suit you. I have had sensitive eye problems, but these did not cause me any trouble.

Final clincher for a deal? They have a line specifically for male grooming. Next birthday present for your partners/brothers sorted. You are welcome.

Have you tried this brand? What did you think of it and more importantly, what flavours did you use?!



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