W7 – In The Nude (Naked3 Duplicate)

There’s a massive misconception that to get animal cruelty free products of a decent quality, you must spend a fortune. In fact, I’m fairly sure that fallacy is a large reason why people don’t pursue a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s “too expensive” and “not worth the hassle”. Well lucky I’m here to bust that myth eh?!

If you’ve been in any pharmacy or TKMaxx over the past few months, you may have noticed a new brand on the shelves. You may then have noticed its startling similarity to Urban Decay and its mind-blowingly amazing price of €6.00-€7.50. Yes, the W7 palettes (there are four to choose from!) have been spreading across Ireland like wildfire and for a very good reason. These little fellas are amazing.

I mentioned before that I purchased the first Urban Decay Naked palette…€40 and a waiting period of over 2 months, I cringe looking back at how little financial sense I had (oh the things that student debt will make you realise)… Well, I’m not the biggest fan of it to be blunt. I actually contemplated whether I had received a faulty palette because neither the drastic fall-out, the brush that was 100% scratchy and 0% fluff, nor the lack of pigmentation seems in keeping with the otherwise high quality ethos of the brand. (Has anyone else had these issues? Was it just me? I should add, I bought it at a retailer, not online). Anyway, I had decided that despite oogling the colours of the more recent Naked palettes, I wouldn’t purchase.

And then W7 palettes entered my life.

I purchased the “In The Nude” 12 shade palette from Cara Pharmacy, that is *apparently* a duplicate of the Naked3


Source:Urban Decay

The W7 even comes with a double ended-brush (sponge applicator and synthetic brush).

If you’re looking for something simple, feminine and beautiful for an everyday look, this is your answer. I have really dark hair and eyes, and doing a brown look just tends to make my eyes look like potholes. This, on the other hand, had a brightening, lifting effect like nothing I’ve tried before. As my mum subtly said “that’s so much nicer than the other make up I’ve seen you wear” (Irish mammys are nothing if not honest anyway). I wasn’t even using a primer, though no doubt that will help pop the colours even more and make them last longer. I should also add that they did not crease at all, which is a running problem for me.

Even the packaging can clearly be seen as a duplicate, if that’s what you’re into. AND they offer dupes for other Naked palettes:

W7 Lightly Toasted – Naked1

W7  In The Buff – Naked2

And W7 In The Night (purples/smokey palette)

As for Cara Pharmacy; I cannot recommend enough. They ship from Ireland, but I expected at least a weeks wait. Instead, my package arrived within 2 days, including samples and delicious smelling wrapping (it’s not exactly relevant, but it makes a difference you know? Oh and all recyclable!). It’s worth noting that the product was also extremely well wrapped and had no damage whatsoever. I have already been scanning their site for more deals. They do amazing discounts on brands ranging from W7 to the usually expensive Benefit Cosmetics.

Add to all this that W7 do NOT test on animals, nor do they work with companies that do. Still think you need to spend a fortune?

Myth debunked.

~ mirrorthelove@gmail.com


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